About Company

Tatweer is a Libyan shareholding company specialized in the field of information and communication technology, computer and office machinery trading, Tatweer was established in 2008, and its services to a large segment of customers are characterized by high level.

Tatweer works to support and harness its services in the field of information technology to serve its valued customers from the government and private sectors and contribute to the development of business and development to keep pace with the latest innovative technical outputs of hardware and accessories, networks and information systems specialized in the field of software solutions.

Tatweer professionally seeks to provide its services centered in software solutions and process engineering and electronic transactions Tatweer's services extend to the design, construction, maintenance and operation of networks, linking centers, building applications, sites and gateways, both on the local network and on the Internet, in addition to linking and integrating applications with each other and providing training services and ongoing technical support. For the customer.

Our mission

We seek to facilitate the lives of customers by providing appropriate technical solutions to achieve their aspirations

Our vision

To be the leading company in the field of information technology providing distinct services of high quality

Our Goals

Finding and innovating solutions and modern technologies to support digital transformation and technology localization

Find and develop business solutions in accordance with best practices and international standards.

Ensuring high quality customer service which ensures high customer satisfaction.

Conduct continuous research and use the latest and best technologies.